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Some may doubt with regard to such anticipations; but they are already being realized in the recent revelations of the Great Pyramid. For forty centuries enshrouded in the deepest mystery, that mighty pillar has at length begun to yield up its secrets. As a mere building it stands at the head of the world, in age, in vastness of dimensions, in perfection of workmanship, and in the practical mastery of problems too hard for all our boasted modern art and machinery. There is not an instance in all the vast structure in which its architects miscalculated or failed. They planned their work to survive all the commotions of nature and all the Vandalism of man.

Signally, also, have they succeeded. Not a stone necessary to its ulterior purpose has come short of its office. A monument has thus come down to us from beyond the classic ages which exalts and dignifies the land in which it stands. It is an edifice of stones so wisely chosen, so justly prepared, so wonderfully handled, so admirably joined, and in the proper places so exquisitely cut and polished, that it is without an equal in any land. It is likewise pervaded with the highest intelligence. There is not an inch of it which does not speak. Even after the lapse of four thousand years of observation, study, and experience, there is not a nation or people whose wisdom or every-day affairs it is not capable of improving. There is reason to think that we have not yet reached the fulness of its grand symbolizations; but if noting more should come of the further study of it, enough has been ascertained to render it the most interesting problem of our times.

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